(Phase 3 / COVID-19 Update)

Please read the full message.

The Scottish Government announced further lockdown recently including the re-introduction of “routine” dentistry such as dental check-ups. However, AGPs (aerosol generating procedures) are unfortunately still prohibited.

During a check-up, the dentist requires the use of air and water devices (the “3 in 1″ device”) and this is classified as an AGP, as is the dental drill to treat a cavity and ultrasonic scalers to clean teeth.   This in effect means that dentistry cannot be carried out.

Regrettably, this means that we will not be able to arrange dental check-ups or carry out any routine dentistry at the present time.

However, if you have a dental emergency such as pain, bleeding or swelling, or have any concerns with the soft tissues in the mouth or gums then we are able to examine/treat these situations.

Please note, appointments are still limited and strictly by appointment only.

We appreciate your continued patience and support.

Welcome to Clark & Watson Family Dental Practice

Whether you are a new or an existing patient, Clark & Watson Family Dental Practice has a wide range of dental services available. Our professional, reliable dentists can undertake most dental work, from check-ups and tooth cleaning to extractions and prosthetic fitting. We pride ourselves on producing fantastic results for our patients. We understand how important your smile is to you and aim to keep it at its best. For great oral health, why not book an appointment with our hygienist service? We also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry alongside our treatments, including whitening and straightening.

Facial Rejuvenation

Smooth your skin and roll back the clock with the help of Clark & Watson Family Dental Practice. Facial rejuvenation and dramatic wrinkle reduction are possible at our surgery.

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Preventative Dentistry

At Clark & Watson Family Dental Practice we believe in preventing problems rather than just treating them as they occur. Routine oral health care advice will be given to you to encourage you to keep teeth and gums healthy and attractive.

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening removes staining and lightens the colour of the teeth. Teeth whitening at Clark & Watson Family Dental Practice is a very simple yet effective way of swiftly lightening the colour of your teeth.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are now becoming a more popular treatment to replace missing teeth, as they provide a longer-term solution, slow down bone loss and preserve nearby healthy tooth tissue.

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